How does it work?

Every month you’ll be sent a handpicked selection of branded sportswear/footwear from our main website as single items rather than 6 units so you can get a feel for what type of lines will work for you

Where can I sell?

You are free to sell these items wherever you like! You could start by selling to friends, family and colleagues or using online selling platforms such as eBay or Amazon. You can even sell through one of the many social media platforms.

How much does it cost?

You can choose from £100, £200 or £300 per crate of stock, ideal to suit all budgets. All adult stock is subject to VAT at 20% which is included within the total cost. Shipping is FREE within the UK. if you are outside the UK please see below for shipping costs to your country.

How much are the contents worth?

We would expect you to receive an 80-120% profit mark-up if you follow the selling guidelines. This means that you could sell the contents of a £200 crate for £360-£440

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. We’ve designed Crate Club to work for you, and so we’ve made it easy to unsubscribe if it’s not right for you, or if you want to pause your subscription for a while.

When will I expect to receive my first box?

Our Crates are shipped within 5 days of your payment confirmation, and then every month there after

How long is the subscription for?

The subscription is monthly and ongoing until you cancel.

Do the contents of each box change?

Yes. You can expect different stock in each box, although on occasion there may be repeat lines of our best-selling products.

Do you post outside of the UK?

We do, costs are detailed in the box below.


Branded Sportswear Crate Level 1
A small selection of Branded Sportswear
Branded Sportswear Crate Level 2
A good selection of Branded Sportswear
Branded Sportswear Crate Level 3
A large selection of Branded sportswear
Branded Footwear Crate Level 1
A small selection of Branded Trainers
Branded Footwear Crate Level 2
A good mixed selection of Branded Trainers
Branded Footwear Crate Level 3
£ 300.00
A large selection of Branded Trainers/football boots

Welcome to Wholesale Sportswear Crate Club

I’ve never run a business before, what do I need to do?

We’ll send you instructions with your first box which will explain how you get started, including your options for registering a business, selling as an individual, including how you keep everything above board. Each crate will include some tips on how to sell, and how to grow your income, and you’ll have access to a special Crate Club Members page where you can see all the previous tips. You’ll have access to one of our specialist teams via Skype or email to help you out if you need us.

What will be inside each crate?

Each crate will contain a mixture of men’s, ladies and junior seasonal textiles and footwear. Each crate will include a fully itemised packing list including recommended retail prices (RRPs) and suggested selling prices to help you to maximize your profits. We’ll also include helpful selling techniques each month to help grow your business.


Aditional Charge for shipping outside the UK.Zone 2 – £10(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Rep Of Ireland

Zone 3 – £12(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Austria, Czech Republc, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia

Zone 4 – £15(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Italy, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania

Zone 5 – £16(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Portugal, Estonia

Zone 6 – £20(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Finland, Latvia

Zone 7 – £30(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Bulgaria, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary

Zone 8 – £35(+VAT if applicable ) per parcel    Iceland, Romania